The HR Weaver Family Of Services

Whether you need to make a space more functional or simply to add beauty, sometimes doing it yourself is not an option—if even just for lack of time.   The  HR Weaver family of services is ready to assist from renovation, remodeling, to additions, electrical installations and coloring your world.

When you come to our family—it has an added bonus: increasing your property’s value.

Hanlen Electric LogoFor the business and the home, Hanhnlen Electric lights the way.  For electrical installations that can hold the power and lighting that keeps employees and families safe, Hahnlen professionals are on call for maintenance, new installations, and emergency services.

Interior or exteriors. Home or office.  Our painting professionals have the knowledge and the expertise to color your world. We keep up-to-date on colorful trends and offer suggestions that make your environment pleasing to the eye

When you begin new construction, you start with a blank page.  When it comes to remodeling and renovations, you need expert level professionals who help you make informed decisions and find practical solutions when surprises are found.  Our professionals at Ensminger meet every challenge.

We are very much enjoying our home after all the excellent workmanship was performed during renovations on our home.  Everyone that visits is quite impressed and asks what contractor we chose.  We are very satisfied with the work and so glad in our choice of contractors.

Dave H.