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Hahnlen Electric, a subsidiary of HR Weaver Building Systems, has had a quality reputation providing quality products and services to homes and businesses.


Residential Installation, Repair And Maintenance.

Poorly setup wiring can result in a fire, or at the very least damaged equipment. Why take the risk when you can simply hire us to complete your electrical needs.

We install:  Lighting systems and air conditioning units to alarm systems, we work on any electrical job imaginable.

We repair: We have the experience to quickly diagnose and fix the problem with quick turnaround time. We even improve the setup to reduce the chances of problems in the future.

We maintain: Electrical maintenance work is important, and something that most residential clients overlook. Before it’s too late it’s a good idea to call us in to check up on your wiring.

Commercial Installation, Repair And Maintenance

When it comes to business, we understand that downtime matters. We will do everything we can to complete work as quickly as possible so that your business operations can be up and running. Client satisfaction guaranteed!

Commercial Installation: We handle small jobs to large scale installations on an entire building. We recommend the type of electrical systems to install for your particular building to achieve maximum cost-efficiency.

Commercial Repair:  Our commercial repair service takes the most problematic of electrical problems and solves them with minimal amount of time on site. Our goal: to get your business back up and running.

Commercial Maintenance: Make sure that all your electrical systems are functioning properly. With our electrical services on standby you can feel confident that all your electrical challenges are solved safely and efficiently.

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